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ST AZX: Maximum Stance for your wheels

"Also with the AZX spacers from ST suspensions, it does not matter if your car has wheel studs or wheel bolts. When mounting wheel hubs with stud bolts, the ST threaded bolts with their double thread are screwed into the AZX spacers and afterwards the AZX spacer including the ST adapter ring is fastened to the hub. Then you mount your wheel on it with the wheel nuts. This eliminates the elaborate pressing of the standard wheel studs and the installation of the spacer is much faster. For wheel hubs with wheel bolts, the AZX spacer also has to be screwed to the wheel hub and then you screw the wheel bolts into the spacer."


Perfect style and more performance

ST spacers are mounted between the wheel hub and alloy wheels. The result is a widened track, improved stance and an increased handling performance. ST spacers also give the impression of a wider rim. This is a simple and effective way to achieve a sportier appearance with tunable driving dynamics. The ST spacers are available in black anodized aluminum.

  • Made from high quality aluminum

  • Black anodized for corrosion protection

  • Improved stance

  • Widened track

  • Matching wheel bolts available (in black and silver)

azx pattern.PNG
wheelspacer azx.PNG
wheelspacer dzx.PNG
wheelspacer adapter.PNG
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