Meet The Team


Benjamin Tan

Benjamin Tan started out as a derivatives trader in 1994. By 1996, he was leading his own team of 14 traders and subsequently took on the position of Head of Marketing Asia with Credit Agricole. Seeking new challenges, Tan left the finance industry at the height of his career in 2004.


In the same year, Benjamin founded AutoInc Sports, a luxury and performance automotive brokerage. The following years saw a rapid expansion of the company. Under his management, Autoinc established Autoinc Detailing and Autoinc Racing. Following then in 2017, acquired Exquisite Marques adding to Autoinc Group's extensive portfolio.

Andrew Ong.jpg

General Manager

Andrew Ong

Andrew Ong has been in the automotive industry since 1999. Joining Exquisite Marques in July 2019 bringing together his vast technical knowledge of exotic and supercars through his years of knowledge and experiences with Hong Seh Motors and a host of other workshops. Ong specializes in engine diagnostics, resolutions and rebuilding.

Service Advisor

Bernard Cheok

Bernard Cheok joined Exquisite Marques in 2020 with the aim of propelling our service and operations to unparalleled levels. With over 25 years in the industry spanning over multiple manufacturers, Bernard brings a wealth of experience to Exquisite Marques.

Technical Supervisor

Ng Kim Kwee

Ng Kim Kwee (KK) carries with him over 30 years of experience in the industry. Joining Exquisite Marques in 2011, he holds deep insight into exotic cars ranging from Porsche to Lamborghini and more. KK has extensive expertise in Porsche air-cool diagnostics and servicing, previously being involved at Singapore Porsche 911 Air Cool and Singapore Ferrari Service Agent until 2011.

Marcus Yeoh Weng Onn.jpg

Technical Supervisor

Marcus Yeoh

Marcus Yeoh (Onn) has been an ever present figure at Exquisite Marques, serving as a Senior Technician since 2013. Onn’s extensive knowledge of cars has served him a strong baseline over the years through his experience with Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, etc. Onn specializes in diagnostic checks and his technical hands-on ability.

Elvis Fu Hong Leong_edited.jpg

Parts Assistant

Elvis Fu

Fu Hong Leong (Elvis) has grown from strength to strength over time since joining Exquisite Marques. Having great knowledge regarding supercar parts, Elvis strives to provide our customers with the best path towards what they desire for their cars.



Song Yick Ann

Fixing the Car

Sieu Yang Hao


Chin Chang Yik