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Excellent handling for your car

"You want to further increase the handling of your vehicle? Our ST anti-sway bars for the front and rear axle are the ideal solution. By mounting the anti sway bars, you reduce the tendency of body roll and therefore ensure a better handling thanks to the improved road holding."


ST anti-sway bars work by connecting the opposite wheels of a car using a steel torsion spring to increase stiffness and reduce body roll. All ST anti-sway bars are manufactured from high quality spring steel and finished with a final powder coating.

Fantastic handling

Once fitted, ST anti-sway bars greatly improve road handling during rapid load changes and hard cornering by reducing the load difference between the inside and outside wheels. The steering behaviour is much more direct allowing a sportier and more agile driving style.

Best performance for minimal spend

ST suspension anti-sway bars have been developed through years of experience in the U.S market and now are available for a wide range of vehicles. Benefits of fitting the ST anti-sway bar kit include:

  • Spring comfort remains

  • Load differences between the curve-outside and inside wheels are minimized

  • Improved handling

  • Increased traction

  • Multiple adjustments (when possible)

  • Improved balance (under- or oversteer)

  • Bearing made from high quality composite materials

  • Made of high quality spring steel

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